Managing Difficult Conversations

Bildungswerk des bbk berlin GmbH

14.06.2019, 10-13 Uhr

Handjerystraße 18, 12159 Berlin

You want to represent your interests, defend your work, negotiate good contracts and prices, but you don’t want to risk your relationships with gallery owners, buyers or colleagues.

How can you defend yourself against verbal attacks and counter these with confidence while safeguarding the relationship and the communication? How do you avoid traps in communication and what do you need to feel confident negotiating in an intercultural setting?

This workshop offers you a safe space to prepare and practice difficult conversations while being supported with input and guidance.

Guest: Nina Warnke, Ph.D., grew up in Germany but has been living in the USA for over 30 years where she has been working in higher education both as a professor and in student and academic affairs. She has extensive experience working with international students in various capacities. She has been trained as a coach and as a mediator.

[This workshop will be held in English and German]